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I am a theatre artist, mother, wife, all around hot mess. Best to approach with a kind word and a fist full of Xanax. If I am in the mood, shoot me a question and I will tell your fortune. Be ready for snark, though, you get what you pay for and it's freeeeee!

Spring Done Sprung


Sring done sprung and love is in the air, or perhaps pheromones. Probably pheromones, but, let's pretend for one moment I'm not a cynic. So, love is in the air, and I drew a Cups spread for all you lovebirds. Let's see what the fertility bunny has brought us today:

What lies beneath: in the foundations position I see the Ace of Swords. This could go either way, my beauties; either bliss or torture. You either have the most wonderful sugar daddy or momma ever, or you are being chained in the basement against your will. In that case, kudos for breaking free long enough to read this garbage. Surely, there are better uses of your time, but who am I to judge.

Who you are, here and now: in the querent position I see the Lovers card, reversed. Hmm, coincidence? Perhaps. One thing's certain, you have love on your mind. You have taken your quarterly shower, slapped on some patchouli, and you are ready to venture forth in search of a nest you can share with some other lovely chickadee.

What stands in your way: in the obstacles position, I see the Nine of Swords. I'm taking the band-aide approach here. The object of your affection is not only less than interested , but really, really, has other crap on his or her mind. Things like how best to design a tin foiled hat to maximize defense against alien intrusion while still looking cute. Trust me, if you end up with this one, they're a fixer-upper.

What you hope for: in the aspirations position we have the Four of Wands card. I see you searching for stability in an inherently unstable person or situation. You want a non-traditional union, a happy little Manson family minus the crazy murder, plus the polyamory. Give it a shot. It works sometimes, I guess.

What has already happened: in the past position we've got the Two of Cups. Now the picture becomes clearer. When I was a teenager, I watched the Brady Bunch with a fresh perspective. I started to wonder if there was some sort of “special” relationship between Mr. And Mrs. Brady, and that maid of theirs. It seemed like they were too close. But, like, completely natural about it. I'm thinking now, that you, dear reader, are looking for your own Alice to add to the mix of an already sweet gig. Again, can't hurt to try. Well, maybe it can hurt, but it might be fun anyway.

What comes next: in the future position, we have the Eight of Pentacles. Some people have all the luck. Looks like you just might get your cake and eat it, too. What ever crazy stew your cooking will be deelish. That love adventure you want to have will most likely happen just as you want it to. To that, I say; screw tradition.

And here's hoping you have a better time with that than I can even imagine. I'm imagining it right now….wait, screw you! My opinion about love is that it's stupid, and messy, and worth it, and a crock of shit, and totally worth it. Get what you want, need, and makes you happy. You are a brave soul, and I commend you. It is my earnest opinion, however, and I'm pretty sure the J. Geils band will back me up here, that love stinks.





Sorry to keep you waiting, friends. I suspect that by now I'm talking to myself. I don't blame you all a bit, you were faithful, and I strayed. It's been weird as always. Haven't been feeling like a funny lady lately. Posted a pic of myself on the satans social networking site. Took a good look at it and saw some things that bothered me. First of all, it's taken in the hospital. I would like to tell you what I did to my knee to be in the hospital but autocorrect won't let me.

So, let me tell you what I saw. I have a low grade fever, and a Borked(thanks, autocorrect, that's exactly the word) knee, so of course I look like I've been rode hard and put up wet. There's more though. I'm smiling a bit. I like the smile. It's a defiance of the fact that I am hurt and at the hospital alone. But, it's only on my mouth.

The smile doesn't reach my eyes. The eyes bother me. I look trapped. There are secrets I can't tell, I guess. Ones I think I'm keeping even from myself. Too many hard times, and no way to share them. Who would I share them with, at any rate. Any body I could talk to is going through it with me. So, I drew some cards, the cards can speak my words. I'm going to post them, and if any of you are left following me, you tell me what they mean.

And also this one, just for reference.

Sorry to be a bummer, but I'll be funny again. Just give me a minute.

Thursday Morning Chit Chat (With Myself[mostly]) Because I’m Pissed Off


Just a four card draw. Because I said so, that's why. No reason. Shut up, “I said so” is too a good reason! Ok, ok, just do it already.

So, after this brief conversation, I drew four cards. In all honesty despondency led me to it. I'm hunkering down for a week-end in bed. Yes, starting on Thursday, my feelings are sore. I'm talking soup in bed, pretend I have the flu DESPONDENCY. Woke up to the news that a show verrrrrrry similar to one of mine has come out and opens this week. How does this keep happening???????? And WHY???????? So, I turn to the cards today before I lock myself in the bunker. Here's what they have to say:

Right off, we start with a bang. In the Earth position of the Elements spread I have the Chariot card reversed. Well, duh, “Yes, yes, I am stuck on the side of the road with four flat tires, thank you for noticing, Criagslist Killer. Oh, this looks like an opportunity for exploitation? Yeah, you would think that. Move along, creep, nothing to see here.” is what this card seems to scream. What I am screaming these days mostly is aimed at myself and it sounds like this: ” Yes, yes, that is a terrifically original idea. Now, STFU until you get it on paper and with copy-write, you fool!” I'm notoriously harsh on myself.

Next card up, in the Fire position is the King of Swords. This is nice because the cards really do understand my feelings. Of course I am fueled by a sense of injustice! Of course I want credit for what's mine. Duh, duh, and duh. Soooooo tired of telling people my ideas and seeing them lived out in other peoples work. That's just terrific. No, I don't think I'll be able to make it to your show featuring my work uncredited. I'll be staying home to lick the cats butt instead, because honestly, that sounds like more fun. Watch out, imitators, the King of Swords card says “I know what's up, and I'm coming for you. With a sword. Because I'm the king of them.” the King of Swords sounds remarkably like MojoJojo.

Now, in the Air position, that which influences me is King of Pentacles. The problem is I just want to work. I want to work so bad that I share my ideas to entice people to work with me. I need to knock that the fuck off, because obviously it isn't getting things done. People like my ideas. A lot. Obviously. It also hints at intelligence and ability combined in one solidly crazy package. Well, the crazy part is spot on.

Last card up in the Water position is Eight of Wands. So, the Eight of Wands is the card which links the past with the future. So, I am leaning to a bright new hope. New ideas and new work is on the horizon. These endeavors promise to be original and interesting. No matter what lies in the past this promises a fresh new beginning full of good work. And if I share any of these new ideas before they are ready then may I be beaten with all eight of these wands simultaneously.


Dancing With Dead People-Making It Happen


Alright, Update: I’ve been working on fundraising for my project this summer, a 6 episode web series of ghost stories called Dancing With Dead People. It’s an awesome idea that just needs to get off the ground. I have many professional actors and technicians dedicated to working on it, but we simply don’t have the equipment or money to get going. I’m really excited about the project because it reflects at least a years worth of ideas all rolled into one project. I’ve already created a video storyboard of the pilot episode and secured two of the most crucial locations. Now all I need is your help. Even a dollar will help. We are at 28% of our goal. Please, if you have couch change or other kinds of donations as listed (Make-up, set stuff, equipment, your services) send them our way and we will be eternally grateful. Thank you for listening, looking, and considering the idea of contributing!:


Between a Rock and a Hard Place, or, Viagra; is it over-rated?


I just wanted to pull three cards today and these are the ones I got. Very interesting. Mostly just funny. You pays yer money, you takes yer chances:

So, let’s start with the grand poo-bah here, The Emperor card.He’s in the past position, representing the recent past and the circumstances that have led you to this point in your life. He’s a good looking guy settled in his ways, solid,dependable, and a bit beyond looking sew his wild oats. He’s figured a few things out. One of those things is how to calculate compound interest. I think that’s the least sexy thing I can think of, but maybe that’s just me. This looks to be the root of todays dilemma. Nothing says turn-off like a guy way too into old guy stuff.

Next up is the Six of Cups, reversed in the present position. Hmmm, With this card, it suggests a comeuppance. That’s a little worrisome. Someone here will get what’s due. I got Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T running through my mind. “ooo your kisses sweet as honey, but guess what, so’s my money”. Somebody’s angling to get some. And I ain’t talking about interest. I would suggest a healthy dose of respect.

Three of Cups, reversed in the future position. This reading is all about the love. Someone wants it. Someone isn’t getting it. My advice? Take some aspirin for that head-ache, shake that stick out of your butt, and deliver. You’ll get no peace until you do.

That’s my reading for the day. Anybody have any requests? Any burning questions? Shoot ’em my way and I will gleefully, sarcastically, hilariously answer them. Yours in service to the absurd-Googy Ballyhoo


Of Dimwits and Frogs


Hey all you crazy people, how's tricks? I have a special post for a special new friend out there today. He's a funny guy, but he's not himself lately. He's on a journey of self-discovery that will require a Sherpa and a few dozen frogs, maybe a pint of whiskey.

This one's for you, my favorite Dimwit (his title, not mine, before I get threatening letters about disparaging the disabled[which I would never, ever do]{unless your disability happens to be being an asshole, in which case, fair game}):

Straight to business. First card in an elementals spread is Ten of Wands reversed and is in the Earth position. That bed of nails you've been sleeping on is not doing you any favors. Bed of nails is not the same as acupuncture. Also the hair shirt is overkill. If you want to punish yourself try the last twelve seasons of Veggie Tales uninterrupted, that should be payment enough for your sins. Or, you know, take it easy on yourself. This card represents your foundation, your recent past, and I see a fair amount of conflict. It suggests that you have been in an ass-kicking contest with yourself and everyone you know with your own ass as the target. Simply step away from the fight. Your ass could use the rest.

Next card is Queen of Swords in the Air position. This card represents your true intentions, or higher aspirations. Lots of deep thought going on here about right and wrong, good and bad. In a world where David Hasselhoff spent a brief time (even ten minutes is fifteen minutes too long) at the top of the charts in Germany, who is to say what truly is right and wrong? I mean, this guy was in a Spongebob movie, how bad could he really be? On the other hand there's that whole hamburger freak out. See what I'm saying? Wait, sorry, this is about you, Dimwit, back to you. What I'm trying to say is, it's all relative to your personal perspective. It's good to have drive that is linked to a higher purpose, but don't let it drive you.

King of Wands is the next card in the Fire position. The recurring themes in this reading are chicks and sticks. Hmmmm, what could it mean? Either an unhealthy obsession with weapons and women, or, more likely, you are driven by honest motives and there are some truly terrific women out there supporting your ambitions. I know I don't have to remind you to recognize. This card speaks volumes about your personal integrity. You've got it in spades. Do take stock once in a while to make sure you're staying true to yourself.

Last card is a doozy. High Priestess in the Water place. Mystery upon mystery. That which you are seeking remains elusive. Or, maybe it means you are good at the tease, the build up. I think that may be it. That or the Mid-frog Nights Dream is set to go for your next project. Do I hear wedding croaks? Take it easy, Dimwit, and don't take any wooden nickels.

We’ve come a Long Way…Maybe?


About this time last year I woke up with a massive sugar hangover and a sense of determination equal to that of a badger with a grudge and a target. Thats the morning I thought of this weird blog. It was the start of our beautiful friendship, ladies and lords, and I've never looked back. It isn't just because of that disc misalignment either.

I was truly looking for something, anything, that allowed me to express myself in a positive manner. I settled on this. I had some setbacks as you may remember. Those set backs made trying hard look like about as much fun as strapping 39 live cats to my body and jumping in the shower. But, what the hell, I'm a glutton for punishment, so I kept trying hard to do things I love. And then I had an amazing year. I wrote, directed, and produced two theatrical shows. I wrote, directed, and produced one short film. All of these projects are on-going and I am super excited about sharing them with you because this, right here was the genesis of all of that. Just knowing someone was out there listening during my darkest hours and my brightest moments of triumph helped me to keep going.

So, thanks for that, and at the end of this post I will share updates about what is coming next. For now, though, how 'bouts a freeeeee reading. For all y'all. For the summer and what it may bring:


Here's what we got, folks. First card up representing the past, which, is in this case, the Spring, we see the two of cups card. Remember earlier, like a paragraph ago, when I said something about a badger and a grudge? Well, this is the same, only different. The past for you was filled with passion. Sorta like that skunk in the cartoons who was always creeping on some poor cat. Focus, people, focus, we can't afford to screw around right now!

Next card represents the present, the here and now. The Moon is a strange card. On the one hand it warns not to buy into that bullshit time-share your shady uncle is always trying to peddle. That's always good advice. On the other hand it advises mercy, compassion, and unity. So, my advice here? Definately read the fine print of any contract, but, hey, play nice, be kind, love the ones you're with.

Next card represents what is to come, or the future, in laymans terms. Six of Wands. Look at that pompous ass riding that horse like he's better than everybody. Well, it's because he IS better than everybody. And since this represents your future it's a good thing. That Chia pet you planted a year ago will finally bloom in all its silly green glory. That rare Pokemon card you bid on will be yours, oh yes it will. The thing you hoped for in your heart of hearts will happen. Remember, though, to play nice. No gloating. It's rude and it makes you look like an asshole.

That's all I got folks? I promised an update for y'all and here it is. I'm working on a web series this summer. It's called Dancing with Dead People and it should be right up your alley. Ghost stories with a twist. Here's the link to the kickstarter campaign. Feel free to pledge, to tell friends, and to support. I'm making it with or without the funding, but it sure would help:

Thanks, as always for paying attention.



Alright folks, it’s been a long, long time since I posted and that is because I have been busy living live a little bit. So, something has happened. All the ideas I was brewing last summer and so frustrated with are finally becoming reality. 

So, here’s the skinny. I am getting ready to run my second show this year. The title is Red Threads, Roots Run Deep and it’s a show about how many of us come from the place where we differ. Our roots are our diversity. Serious stuff from the queen of smart assery, I know. 

Because I have actually gotten this going a little I am planning on taking the show on the roads of Texas this summer with The Drunk Tarot Road Show that I talked about last summer.

Here’s where you come in. We need a logo. It needs to have our company name, The Drunk Tarot Road Show, along with an illustrated logo picture. This here is an official contest. There will only be one winner. The prize will be one full Tarot reading per month for 12 months.

Please send all submissions here and we will decide by democratic vote once I have enough entrees. 

As always, thank you for looking. If we get our show I will be posting from the road about our adventures complete with pics. 


Much love,

Googy the Great

Not the Scottish play, but hey-we are trying, ok??? or, Announcing The Drunk Tarot Road Show(Maybe)


Adoption – Lets talk about it

Alright, Queens and Kings, I am finally getting a show produced! I am so excited to announce it. The title is Red Threads and it explores the theme of adoption from the perspective of those who have experienced it. If any of you out there have a view point and share the experience in some way, please let me know. The link is above. You know you can always contact me with your stories and comments as well. Your words are important. It only takes a few minutes and it will mean so much to me.