Thursday Morning Chit Chat (With Myself[mostly]) Because I’m Pissed Off


Just a four card draw. Because I said so, that's why. No reason. Shut up, “I said so” is too a good reason! Ok, ok, just do it already.

So, after this brief conversation, I drew four cards. In all honesty despondency led me to it. I'm hunkering down for a week-end in bed. Yes, starting on Thursday, my feelings are sore. I'm talking soup in bed, pretend I have the flu DESPONDENCY. Woke up to the news that a show verrrrrrry similar to one of mine has come out and opens this week. How does this keep happening???????? And WHY???????? So, I turn to the cards today before I lock myself in the bunker. Here's what they have to say:

Right off, we start with a bang. In the Earth position of the Elements spread I have the Chariot card reversed. Well, duh, “Yes, yes, I am stuck on the side of the road with four flat tires, thank you for noticing, Criagslist Killer. Oh, this looks like an opportunity for exploitation? Yeah, you would think that. Move along, creep, nothing to see here.” is what this card seems to scream. What I am screaming these days mostly is aimed at myself and it sounds like this: ” Yes, yes, that is a terrifically original idea. Now, STFU until you get it on paper and with copy-write, you fool!” I'm notoriously harsh on myself.

Next card up, in the Fire position is the King of Swords. This is nice because the cards really do understand my feelings. Of course I am fueled by a sense of injustice! Of course I want credit for what's mine. Duh, duh, and duh. Soooooo tired of telling people my ideas and seeing them lived out in other peoples work. That's just terrific. No, I don't think I'll be able to make it to your show featuring my work uncredited. I'll be staying home to lick the cats butt instead, because honestly, that sounds like more fun. Watch out, imitators, the King of Swords card says “I know what's up, and I'm coming for you. With a sword. Because I'm the king of them.” the King of Swords sounds remarkably like MojoJojo.

Now, in the Air position, that which influences me is King of Pentacles. The problem is I just want to work. I want to work so bad that I share my ideas to entice people to work with me. I need to knock that the fuck off, because obviously it isn't getting things done. People like my ideas. A lot. Obviously. It also hints at intelligence and ability combined in one solidly crazy package. Well, the crazy part is spot on.

Last card up in the Water position is Eight of Wands. So, the Eight of Wands is the card which links the past with the future. So, I am leaning to a bright new hope. New ideas and new work is on the horizon. These endeavors promise to be original and interesting. No matter what lies in the past this promises a fresh new beginning full of good work. And if I share any of these new ideas before they are ready then may I be beaten with all eight of these wands simultaneously.



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  1. I realize that I am way late in responding, but since I am just reading this here goes…. “WOW, that really blows.” Its a bit of an understatement, but no need to open up old wounds right? Hope things are picking up in the creative/ theater/ work department. You are an amazing woman and I can’t wait for you to shine like you were meant to.
    & I nearly died laughing at the MojoJojo part. 😉

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