Dancing With Dead People-Making It Happen


Alright, Update: I’ve been working on fundraising for my project this summer, a 6 episode web series of ghost stories called Dancing With Dead People. It’s an awesome idea that just needs to get off the ground. I have many professional actors and technicians dedicated to working on it, but we simply don’t have the equipment or money to get going. I’m really excited about the project because it reflects at least a years worth of ideas all rolled into one project. I’ve already created a video storyboard of the pilot episode and secured two of the most crucial locations. Now all I need is your help. Even a dollar will help. We are at 28% of our goal. Please, if you have couch change or other kinds of donations as listed (Make-up, set stuff, equipment, your services) send them our way and we will be eternally grateful. Thank you for listening, looking, and considering the idea of contributing!:





About googyballyhoo

I am a theatre artist, mother, wife, all around hot mess. Best to approach with a kind word and a fist full of Xanax. If I am in the mood, shoot me a question and I will tell your fortune. Be ready for snark, though, you get what you pay for and it's freeeeee!

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