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We’ve come a Long Way…Maybe?


About this time last year I woke up with a massive sugar hangover and a sense of determination equal to that of a badger with a grudge and a target. Thats the morning I thought of this weird blog. It was the start of our beautiful friendship, ladies and lords, and I've never looked back. It isn't just because of that disc misalignment either.

I was truly looking for something, anything, that allowed me to express myself in a positive manner. I settled on this. I had some setbacks as you may remember. Those set backs made trying hard look like about as much fun as strapping 39 live cats to my body and jumping in the shower. But, what the hell, I'm a glutton for punishment, so I kept trying hard to do things I love. And then I had an amazing year. I wrote, directed, and produced two theatrical shows. I wrote, directed, and produced one short film. All of these projects are on-going and I am super excited about sharing them with you because this, right here was the genesis of all of that. Just knowing someone was out there listening during my darkest hours and my brightest moments of triumph helped me to keep going.

So, thanks for that, and at the end of this post I will share updates about what is coming next. For now, though, how 'bouts a freeeeee reading. For all y'all. For the summer and what it may bring:


Here's what we got, folks. First card up representing the past, which, is in this case, the Spring, we see the two of cups card. Remember earlier, like a paragraph ago, when I said something about a badger and a grudge? Well, this is the same, only different. The past for you was filled with passion. Sorta like that skunk in the cartoons who was always creeping on some poor cat. Focus, people, focus, we can't afford to screw around right now!

Next card represents the present, the here and now. The Moon is a strange card. On the one hand it warns not to buy into that bullshit time-share your shady uncle is always trying to peddle. That's always good advice. On the other hand it advises mercy, compassion, and unity. So, my advice here? Definately read the fine print of any contract, but, hey, play nice, be kind, love the ones you're with.

Next card represents what is to come, or the future, in laymans terms. Six of Wands. Look at that pompous ass riding that horse like he's better than everybody. Well, it's because he IS better than everybody. And since this represents your future it's a good thing. That Chia pet you planted a year ago will finally bloom in all its silly green glory. That rare Pokemon card you bid on will be yours, oh yes it will. The thing you hoped for in your heart of hearts will happen. Remember, though, to play nice. No gloating. It's rude and it makes you look like an asshole.

That's all I got folks? I promised an update for y'all and here it is. I'm working on a web series this summer. It's called Dancing with Dead People and it should be right up your alley. Ghost stories with a twist. Here's the link to the kickstarter campaign. Feel free to pledge, to tell friends, and to support. I'm making it with or without the funding, but it sure would help:

Thanks, as always for paying attention.