Monthly Archives: September 2012

The Best is Yet To Come…or the mark of the beast, whichever.


I'm officially at 666 views as of noon today! Thank you all for enabling me to soar to such heights in a mere three months. In celebration I thought I would, you know, do that voodoo that we do so well. Or something like that. I thought I would just take a peek into the future of this blog because in all the columns that I have written I have never read the cards for ours truly. So, here goes with an Elements spread.

Earth: The World reversed: what a coinkydink. The World card for the Earth position. Back the Truck Up! It's as if the cards know my love of synchronicity. This card suggests, first off, that I need to stop typing one handed because that shit is just slowing me down. Seriously I need to put down the donuts and get cracking because this bullshit doesn't write itself. Also, it says that I might have reached a point of stagnation and I might consider mixing things up a bit. To that I say; screw you, card, I'm giving it all I got.

Air: Five Of Cups card sez that what this blog lacks in intellectual quality it more that makes up for in sincerity. Guys, you're with me, right? You know I pour my heart into every single post, right? It also tell the tale of a journey well traveled, to completion, and enjoying some success. At least someone it getting a happy ending.

Fire: King of Pentacles is a card that tells of the ambition to set the world ablaze with the creativity and genius of this blog. Probably a little far reaching, but one can dream. I mean, would it kill somebody to nominate this sucker for some kind of award??? I don't think so, but here we are, naked and awardless. Don't ask what one thing has to do with another, it will just lead to more confusion. The point is, I do love this blog and really, really do want it to entertain. Y'all let me know if I'm screwing it up, ok?

Water: Six of Swords is a card that lays out a journey by water. Huh. Now I'm starting to think the cards are just effing with me. At least it does intimate that the trip will be pleasant, which is good because it's too freaking late to turn back now. We're already in it, neck deep. Together. Insert maniacal laugh here, please. And also, keep reading. The best is yet to come. Hugs and kisses to all of you who give a shit and even those of you who don't. I love you anyway.

P.S. I don't really know why I have a Patsy Cline song here except it seemed appropriately crazy and eebil.